Contact WVMMIS

Contact information for West Virginia Medicaid Provider Services, Member Services, Provider Enrollment and EDI Helpdesk departments is posted below.  Call Center hours are from 7 am to 7 pm (EST).

Department Contact List

 Provider Services Department extensions are:  (1) Payment, (2) Eligibility, (3) Claim Status, (4) Enrollment, (5), Hysterectomy/Sterilization, (6) EDI, (7) Long Term Care, (8) WV EHR Incentive Payment, (9) Behavioral Health & Health Facilities (BHHF).

​Department​Toll Free​Phone​Fax​Email​Address​City​State​ZIP
Provider Services​​(888) 483.0793​(304) 348.3380​​wvmmis@molinahealthcare.comPO Box 2002​Charleston​WV​25327-2002​
Provider Enrollment​​(888) 483.0793 x 4​(304) 340.2763​​PO Box 625​Charleston​WV​25322-0625
EDI Helpdesk​(888) 483.0793 x 6​(304) 348.3380​edihelpdesk@molinahealthcare.comPO Box 625​Charleston​​WV​25322-0625
Member Services​(888) 483.0797(304) 348.3365​(304) 348.3380​PO Box 2002​​Charleston​WV​25327-2002
Pharmacy Helpdesk​(888) 483.0801​(304) 348.3370​(304) 348.3380​PO Box 3765​​Charleston​WV​25327-3765
​WVCHIP​(800) 479.3310PO Box 3732​Charleston​WV​25337-3732


Molina has developed a new email address for questions/concerns regarding the new system and to request a site visit from one of Molina's Provider Field Representatives:

Paper Claim Form Mailing Addresses

West Virginia Medicaid encourages all providers to bill electronically.  Electronic claims, including adjustments, may be submitted by obtaining a secure logon to this website. 

CMS 1500​PO Box 3767​Charleston​WV​25337-3767​
UB 04​PO Box 3766​Charleston​WV​25337-3766​
ADA 2006​PO Box 3768​Charleston​WV​25337-3768​
NCPDB UCF​PO Box 3765​Charleston​WV​25377-3765​
Reversal / Replacement​PO Box 3767​Charleston​WV​25337-3767​
Timely Filing​PO Box 2002​Charleston​WV​25327-2002​


Situational Documentation

Hysterectomy, Sterilization & Pregnancy TerminationPO Box 2254​Charleston​WV​25328-2254